Paper presentation at HPCS 2017

28/07/2017 13:26

Rodrigo Rocha, one of the coauthors of the work of Alyson Pereira, presented the paper entitled Extending OpenACC for Efficient Stencil Code Generation and Execution by Skeleton Frameworks at the International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation (HPCS) in Genoa, Italy. This work was advised by Prof. Márcio Castro.

In this work, Alyson proposed OpenACC extensions to enable efficient code generation and execution of stencil applications by parallel skeleton frameworks such as PSkel. The results show that our stencil extensions may improve the performance of OpenACC in up to 28% and 45% on GPU and CPU, respectively.

Technical visit to INESC-ID (Lisboa, Portugal)

20/07/2017 21:21

In the context of the Research Project Abys: Autonomic Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Systems, Ray Neiheiser was in technical visit to INESC-ID (Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Investigação e Desenvolvimento), where he presented his work entitled “Byzantine Fault Tolerant Architecture in Geographically Distributed Graph Databases” and also attended meetings with Prof. Luis Rodrigues (picture) and other participants of that research group.  This work is advised by prof Luciana Rech.

Paper presentation at ICCS 2017

04/07/2017 09:20

Pedro Penna presented his work entitled Assessing the Performance of the SRR Loop Scheduler with Irregular Workloads at the International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS) in Zürich, Switzerland. His work is advised by Prof. Márcio Castro and Patricia Plentz.

In this work, Pedro presented a performance and scalability evaluation of the recently-proposed loop scheduling strategy named Smart Round-Robin (SRR). The paper is available for download here.

Ph.D. Defense – Hylson Vescovi Netto

28/03/2017 17:51

Hylson Vescovi Netto has earned his doctor’s degree in Computer Science from PPGCC/UFSC on 28/03/2017. His P.h.D thesis, entitled “Armazenamento de Dados Eficiente Tolerante a Faltas Bizantinas em Múltiplas Nuvens com Coordenação de Metadados Integrada a um Gerenciador de Containers”, was advised by Prof. Lau Cheuk Lung. The jury was composed by the following researchers: Prof. Luís Eduardo Rodrigues, Prof. Elias Duarte Júnior, Prof. Joni da Silva Fraga, Prof. Ricardo Moraes, Prof. Frank Siqueira and Prof. Luciana Rech.

M.Sc. Defense – Daniel Presser

03/02/2016 18:31

Daniel Presser has earned his master’s degree in Computer Science from PPGCC/UFSC on 02/11/2016. His M.Sc. dissertation, entitled “Greft: Arbitrary Fault-Tolerant Distributed Graph Processing Architecture”, was advised by Prof. Lau Cheuk Lung. The jury was composed by the following researchers: Prof. Frank Siqueira,  Ronaldo Melo and Prof. Luciana Rech.

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